2014 Cherry Blossom Festival Kicks Off

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The pinkest party on Earth is officially underway!

It took a couple tries, but officials cut the pink ribbon and kicked off the 2014 cherry blossom festival on Friday.

“What time is it?” officials shouted. “Cherry Blossom time!" the crowd screamed back.

"Its the opening ceremony, so of course I had to come and spread my wings and get this Cherry Blossom festival kicked off in the right way,” Carolyn Freeman, the Atlanta Falcons Bird Lady said.

The mother of Little Mr. Cherry Blossom 2014, Aimee Birmingham, is proud of her 6-year-old son and how he is keeping the tradition alive in their family.

"How is he feeling?” 41NBC’s Amanda Castro asked. “Excited. A little nervous, but he is happy to be here,” Birmingham said.

"What is your favorite part about the Cherry Blossom Festival?” Castro asked Little Mr. Cherry Blossom 2014 Ayden Birmingham. “That we wear pink,” he said.

You will most likely see a Paul Williams and a pink poodle walking around during the Cherry Blossom events. Her name is Blossom.

“She draws a crowd, she sure does,” Williams with Pet Grooming by Paul & Alice said. “And people like to take pictures with her?” Castro asked. “Probably a million!" Williams said.

Linda Clark wore a pink cowboy hat to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“The pins are from past and present Cherry Blossom Festivals and I collect one every year and just enjoy showing them off,” Clark said. “It gets kind of heavy but I think I can handle it."

41NBC caught up with the Dispain family riding a kid ride. Four-year-old Isabella said she had a lot of fun.

“What did you like about it?” Castro asked. “Up high!" Isabella said.

"I like to ride rides and I want to eat the food,” Ayden Birmingham said.

Virginia College Campus President James Sutton said his favorite part is the kick off.

“Everything starts from the beginning, by kicking it off we can have a great week,” Sutton said.

“If you look around you’ll see diversity everywhere and that’s what we need all over the world, it really is,” Clark said. “It’s bringing together people and having a good time and celebration."

For a complete list of all the Cherry Blossom Festival activities, visit www.cherryblossom.com

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