41NBC haunts guests at the Haunted Manor of Davisboro

DAVISBORO, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Across from an innocent church is the Haunted Manor of Davisboro. And while it doesn’t look freakish under the afternoon sun, Meteorologist Marco La Manno knows better from his tour through here last year on behalf of 41NBC.

"We try and improve it each and every year," says Willie Horton, the owner of the Haunted Manor, "We always add different stuff to make it better, and we change up stuff every year. So it’s not the same haunted house that, you know, when you were down here last year. It’s totally different."

This year would be different. 41NBC would now be behind the scenes, watching the backstage wizards turn the living into the undead. And Marco would be in full costume. So first Marco needed to learn how to use the chainsaw and put on his clothing. Then it was on to the masks, and they were like Halloween candy — so many flavors and varieties to choose from. Fortunately, they had a mask just for him.

And so, with dusk creeping into the sky, he donned his costume, ready to pounce. It was just a matter of finding the perfect victims.

And wouldn’t you know it: an eager group of people were moving through the manor, excited that a news camera was shining on them! With the group distracted, Marco readied the chainsaw, which was followed by the group’s screams of horror, and that was all she wrote.

One of the girls was most noticeably in fear of him.

"I just don’t like chainsaws at all. That’s not my thing. I always run, so no," she said. But that was part of the thrill because she followed it up with, "I would definitely come back. And it’s, like off the charts."

Here are the other comments from the rest of the group:

"I would definitely come back next year. It has put every other scare house I’ve ever been to, to complete shame."

"Oh, definitely coming back."

"Yeah, I agree."

"We’ll be bringing more."

"I loved it."

"We’ll be back."

"I agree. Everyone that put it together needs an applause!"

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