41Today Staycation Edition: Atlanta

ATLANTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – To get to know Atlanta, Georgia you’d have to know a bit of history.

“It’s just that spirit–it’s what Doctor King stood for.”

There’s no better place to experience what the most famous civil rights leader dreamed of than at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

“In terms of people coming here, when they come on the grounds the kinds of things that we hear is people say I can’t put it into words but there’s something special about just being on the grounds,” said Barbara Harrison, Director of External Affairs for the King Center.

Martin’s wife Corretta Scott King established it in 1968.

It’s a place to experience the life of Dr. King through speeches, artwork and educational programs for teachers and students.

“It was nice for them to hear firsthand accounts from people who knew Dr. King and people who were involved, so it’s not just something that I’m teaching in a classroom, it really becomes real for them now,” said teacher Caitlin Sabers.

That history becomes real at another Atlanta attraction–the World of Coke.

“Coca-Cola was actually first sold here in downtown Atlanta on May 8th, 1886,” said Jacquie Wansley, Group Marketing Manager for World of Coca-Cola.

You can see all 130 years of Coke–all the way from one of the first soda fountains that served some great memories, to the soda fountains we all recognize.

“One of the greatest connections to Middle Georgia on display here is this magnificent soda fountain that’s actually older than the company,” said Wansley. “It is from a pharmacy that was originally located in Toomsboro, Georgia.”

They serve dozens of Coke products from all over the world you’ve probably never tasted before.

If Coke isn’t sweet enough, you can get yourself a taste of the wild at Zoo Atlanta–another great place to visit if you’re heading up this way.

“I love this place, enough that I bring my kids on the weekend, even I’m here all the time when I don’t need to be,” said Dr. Stephanie Braccini, Curator of Mammals.

You can hang out with pandas.

“They are charismatic, they’re fluffy, they’re cute–they spend their days eating and sleeping. Who doesn’t want to be a giant panda?” said Braccini.

The gorillas are happy–even though they have their backs turned a lot.

“They may not orient towards humans, they’d rather orient toward each other and tending to their social needs, their social complexities,” said Braccini.

The elephants had a great time chomping down on some grub, that’s for sure.

Plus you can take the kids to the splash pad and playground as well.

To get to know Atlanta, you can just take a ride up 75.

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