Anita’s Balm: All Natural Alternative For Eczema Sufferers

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — If you suffer from eczema you know just how frustrating, and
at times, embarrassing it can be. The skin condition ranges from rashes to flare-ups. For one family in Columbus, Georgia, it’s something they’ve battled for nearly 9 years, until discovering a product called Anita’s Balm.

9-year-old Clay Dykes was born with eczema. It’s a chronic recurring skin disorder that causes dry, easily irritated, itchy skin. His mother, Courtenay, has tried everything for years.

“It makes me itch, it makes me get rashes, my skin sheds like everyday… it’s horrible,” said Clay.

Courtenay said, “The common treatment was steroid creams…which we know is not good to be on all the time, but it seemed like we were on it more than we were off of it.”

For 8 years, the Dykes did what they could to help soothe Clay’s skin and stop him from scratching.

“From infancy, we had bloody crib sheets, we had bloody clothes, we would send him to Mother’s Morning Out with two changes of clothes in his diaper bag,” added Courtenay.

“My face would be completely red at night because I would be so hot under those covers and I’d itch like crazy,” Clay said.

After dozens of trips to the allergist, dermatologist, and hundreds of creams and ointments later, Courtenay learned about a product called Anita’s Balm.

“After 5 days he was just miraculous, he wasn’t oozing, he wasn’t dripping, his skin wasn’t peeling away…” said Courtenay.

The all natural formula made of olive oil and beeswax changed the quality of Clay’s life. The creator of Anita’s Balm, Anita Redd started the company in her kitchen out of Lawrenceville, Georgia. She created the product for her son who suffered from eczema.

Clay said, “It’s just way better, way better because this will heal it and I can use it whenever I want.”

Anita’s Balm may not be the end-all for eczema sufferers everywhere; it’s a recipe to keep the outbreaks at bay in a lifelong battle.

Anita’s Balm can be found in stores nationwide. For more information check out


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