Bibb Schools Promotes Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Habits to Create Successful Students

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – You may be surprised to hear the Peach State is the second most obese state in the nation and research shows by 2030, more than 50% of adults will be obese. To help prevent that, the Bibb County school district is teaching students at a young age how to eat healthy and be active.

First graders at Sonny Carter Elementary School are working up a sweat. The lessons learned in PE class are part of the Bibb school system’s plan to make a better student.

“It’s already been proven, a properly fed and active child is better in all their academic activities,” Bibb schools athletic director Eddie Ashley said.

Ashley says it is important for kids to get out an exercise not not just work their fingers by texting and playing video games.

“Technology is great, but its also put children inside instead of outside, we’re not doing outside activities like we used to, so that’s causing a great problem,” Ashley said.

It also poses serious health concerns for your little ones.

“Diseases that were seeing as adults diseases, like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, are now being seen in kids as young as five, so they’re no longer adult diseases,” Kate Bertram with HealthMPowers said. “If we do nothing the consequences are deadly.”

That is why Bibb schools is partnering with HealthMPowers to bring physical activities to the classroom and home. But school officials say it takes more than exercise—these kids have to eat healthy too.

“We are making that link here at school, getting the students to understand how important both of them are and to provide opportunities for both of them to have healthy choice foods at school and also physical activity at school,” Bibb schools nutrition director Dr. Cleta Long said.

It is simple math: physical activity plus healthy eating habits equals a successful student.

Bibb school officials say healthy life choices do not stop when the school day ends. They are urging parents to continue the lessons at home.

Mike May with PHIT America stopped by 41 Today to share more information on the importance of physical activity. For more information, visit www.phitamerica.org.


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