Businesses, families thrive in Warner Robins

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “I love Warner Robins, I love the community,” said Automotive Paint & Equipment Vice President Brian Wilkerson.
Try living anywhere else–Wilkerson doesn’t recommend it.
“It’s been a great community to live in,” said Wilkerson.
Automotive Paint & Equipment is on North Davis Drive in Warner Robins.
“If you wreck your car and you take it to a body shop, it’s our goal to service those body shops and provide them with the material and the automotive paint that they need to do their job,” said Wilkerson.
Automotive Paint & Equipment joins tons of businesses that are growing–like the one they partner with, Chandler Collision on Watson Boulevard.
That’s where the cars get worked on.
“When you do business in a town like this, it’s a good jump start because all you really need to do is do the right things and work hard and when you’re a part of a growing economy you can just ride that wave with it and we’ve been able to do that,” said Wilkerson.
Brian credits the city with helping him raise his family.
“Warner Robins has been recognized as a top place to raise a family, having three kids and wife of my own I can testify that it’s been a terrific place,” said Wilkerson.
A terrific place for Pop McKenzie to raise his family through his barber shop, Pop’s Barber Shop just up the street from Automotive Paint & Equipment on North Davis Drive.
“I grew up in a barber shop I had two other uncles that owned barber shops,” said McKenzie.
McKenzie’s family has benefited from the school system.
“It’s doing good, you’ve got one of the best school systems here,” said McKenzie.
Which Wilkerson agrees with.
“It starts with the school systems and the economy which is growing and providing for our family very well,” said Wilkerson. “I would just say it’s an awesome place to live and I would recommend it to anybody.”
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