Dublin’s mayor connects with community through radio show

DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Dublin Mayor Phil Best is a community man, and the city knows him well.

He has an excellent platform to reach everyone.

“Good morning and welcome to Community Matters. I’m Phil Best.” The mayor’s voice speaks into the microphone.

But whether the microphone is on or off isn’t important to Best.

“This is a show I’ve been really looking forward to,” said Best. “It matters, and then we’re talking about community matters.”

What’s important is the community.

“The name of the show to me says it all,” said Best. “Community Matters.”

The mayor’s radio show Community Matters broadcasts from the 102.1 and Big 103 studio in downtown Dublin.

“It’s a positive show, it’s a non-political show,” said Best.

The mayor invites guests on each week.

“We want to let the folks know about the positive things that are going on in their community and we want to get a wide variety of guests,” said Best.

It’s there to let you know about what’s going on.

“I don’t want anyone to say, ‘Well I didn’t know that,'” said Best.

But one voice almost didn’t make it across the air.

“I hesitated for probably three months and I thought I said well you know I don’t want another weekly chore, I’ve got plenty I can do,” said Best.

The radio show quickly went from a possible chore to having legs of its own.

“We hit the ground running and it’s been really a lot of fun,” said Best. “I enjoy doing it.”

Cut through the static and you might just pick up something that matters.

“Some people just leave it on there for the noise and for the, you know, just to have some noise in the background, and during that time they pick something up,” said Best. “I don’t wait for the time for the show to come on, but I want our listeners to.”

If you want to listen, turn to 102.1 in the Dublin area Monday morning at 9:12, Wednesday afternoon at 12:12, Friday afternoon at 4:12 and Saturday morning at 9:12.


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