Exploding Pam: Lawsuit Targets Cooking Spray

(KPRC) A Houston, Texas man is part of a nationwide lawsuit against a company that makes the popular Pam cooking spray. The professional cook said he set down the can of aerosol cooking spray while he was cooking on a grill and the can exploded.

The incident happened in July 2017.

Reveriano Duran was working his usual shift at Berryhill Baja Grill in Houston. Attorneys said he had placed a can of aerosol cooking spray manufactured by Conagra Brand Inc., “on a shelf in front of a grill” when, all of a sudden, the can exploded into flames, igniting the kitchen on fire.

The explosion was captured on surveillance camera in the kitchen.

Duran suffered major burns in the fiery incident. He said he had to undergo skin grafts for burns, scarring and disfigurement and that he underwent multiple medical treatments and incurred multiple medical bills.

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