Keeping Organized: Baskets and Bins

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Baskets! When it comes to organizing, they can bring a world of help for anyone looking for a place to put all of those smaller items. Professional organizer Andi Willis gives us a few usages of baskets and bins to keep your things in perfect order.

First place where Andi likes to use baskets is in her laundry room. Specifically to keep her cleaning supplies right where they need to be. If one of them springs a leak? No messy fluids seeping through the cracks.

Baskets can also be used in your dresser drawer to keeps socks and underwear together, or the pantry for items like candy bars and flavor packets.

Book lover? Keep forgetting where those books are, however? A bin next to  your nightstand or wherever your favorite place to read is can make sure your reading material stays right where you left it.

And finally, pet owners out there probably know how many animal toys they seem to collect. Dogs are good for a lot of things, but cleaning up after themselves usually isn’t one of them. Baskets are perfect to make sure those squeaky playthings have a place to stay when they’re not being gnawed on out in the yard. You can also place a container near the front door to keep their leash and other materials when it’s time to go for a walk.

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