Keeping Organized: The Memory Box

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – When kids come home from school, it’s usually with all sorts of memories. From report cards to pieces of art, but what do you do when the front of the refrigerator runs out of space? Professional organizer Andi Willis has everything you need to know about the “Memory Box.”

A memory box is exactly that, a box or bin where all off those papers and works of creativity can be stored safely, easily, and cheaply. To get started, Andi says come up with rules on what should go in there and what should get sent to the waste bin. She likes to keep things that focuses on her children’s individuality and personality, as opposed to class projects meant for everyone.

Once you’ve laid down the ground rules, Andi suggests to get a smaller box in place within the larger one. This can be a storage unit for items such as trophies and medals, to keep them from jangling around and getting lost.

Another tip is to have a series of file folders inside the box for loose sheets of paper you’d like to keep. One for each grade can really help keep things from getting out of hand.

And if you’ve got something too large you’d like to hold onto anyway? Try taking a digital photo of it and using an app to archive it. Their are several apps you can use that do exactly just that, like Keepy and Artkive.

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