Keeping Organized: What to do with all of those photos?

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – So now you’ve got all of your photos in one place, organized, and ready to go. You’ve prepared, planned, scanned, so what’s next? Professional organizer Andi Willis is back this morning with the answer!

One thing you can do according to Andi is put all of those pictures in a photo safe storage box, and place them safely in a closet or cabinet. Andi uses a container specifically designed to store pictures. Never use a plastic bin or a shoe box! Those are not make to hold photos. You should try to find something that needs to be three things: acid free, lignin free, and buffered. Any storage box that has all of that will play safe with your pics.

Andi also says to never store your photos in basements, garages, attics, or even off-site storage units! They need to be stored in places with low light, low temperature, and low humidity or they will certainly degrade over time.

Now if you have set of pictures that you are finding to be your favorites, you can discover ways to display them. You can put them in specialized frames, photo-safe storage albums, or even photo books that companies can create for you for extra easy access down memory lane.

Another option can be a bit more extreme: throw your pictures away… after you’ve digitally scanned them in, of course! Even though Andi says this is not a popular option, the truth is, most people do a combination of everything. So it’s whatever works best for you!

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