Keeping Organized: Three ways to tidy up your closet

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – No matter how large of a closet you have in your home, it can still be an area that gets cluttered very easily. Professional organizer Andi Willis is here to show us three of her favorite things to help keep your closet in perfect order.

The first thing Andi likes to do is have matching hangers. Doing so helps keep everything together in a more unified look, and it also prevents having to worry about mixing and matching hangers for different items of clothing.

Her second tip is to use bins and baskets. Baskets can keep things you use regularly well organized, while bins can store items, such as swimwear, that aren’t used as often.

And lastly, Andi loves to use shelf dividers. They can help, for example, keep a large stack of sweaters from tipping over. They can also delineate like items into further sub-categories, like running shorts versus running capris.

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