Keeping Organized: Your filing cabinet

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Most people associate a fun afternoon with going to the park, or catching a movie at the local centerplex.  What most people don’t consider fun is sitting in a room all day filing papers into a dull-gray, metal filing cabinet that may or may not close properly.  Personal organizer Andi Willis returns to show you how you can keep the hassles of filing down to an absolute minimum.

The first step is simply don’t let your papers just start building up on top of your desk or table top.  Find a basket or a type of container to keep them in, preventing them from spilling out onto your work-space.

The next thing is to not over do it in one sitting.  Set an alarm for ten minutes or so before you start.  When the alarm goes off, that’s your cue to get up and just walk away; do something else that doesn’t involve the potential for paper cuts.  You can always come back later and work for another ten minutes until the job is done.

Another problem a lot of people have is they’re filing papers they just don’t need to file.  Find a paper retention guide online and get rid of anything that’s keeping your file folders overstuffed.  Documents with possible sensitive information on them should be shredded before being thrown out.

You can also mark a date on your calendar, whether it be once a week or once a month, set aside specifically to tackle your paper problem.

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