Tips to keep bugs from crashing your barbeque

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Memorial Day weekend kicks off the barbecue season and you will want to enjoy your time outside. Ben Tallent from Arrow Exterminators stopped by 41 Today to share some tips on how you can keep pesky bugs from ruining your summer fun.

Tallent said the five more annoying barbeque pests are stinging insects, red imported fire ants, mosquitoes, house flies, and ants. He added more than 500,000 people are sent to the emergency room every year because of stinging insects.

Some things you can do to keep the bugs from crashing your party are:

  • Serve sugary drinks in covered pitchers and keep desserts in tightly sealed containers.

  • Make sure all outdoor trash cans have a secure lid that is kept in place.

  • Inspect your yard for telltale fire ant mounds.

  • Remove sources of standing water, such as old tires, children’s wading pools, birdbaths and saucers of flowerpots, where mosquitoes can breed.

  • Cut back or get rid of unnecessary vegetation around the home.

  • Seal all cracks around the foundation of the home and ensure all screens are in good repair.

  • Contact a licensed pest professional if you discover an infestation of any of these summer pests in or around your home.

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