Angie’s List: Should you hire an interior designer?

With DIY home design shows and Pinterest being so popular, it seems like almost anyone can decorate their home like a pro. While you may be happy with your coordinated colors and framed pictures, many us of may be surprised just what a pro can do that most of us cannot.

When it comes time to spruce up the old home, adding new artwork or furniture may be the perfect way to breathe fresh life into your home décor. However, there is so much more you could do to tie it all together. Interior designers can help take the guesswork out of a project by allowing you to see what your new space can look like before any work is even done, just as Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida did for her client.

“We came in as designers and we helped him create this style by creating a 3D model that he could see exactly what it was going to look like when it was complete and he was able to see it in augmented reality,” said Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida, interior designer at Decorilla.

As trained professionals, interior designers are often able to find creative ways to solve any issues by means that are unique to you and your space.

While hiring an interior designer may be more of a process than simply updating your wall color and some throw pillows, the overall process can be fairly simple and the designers can take away some of the hassles by helping you hire other pros for the bigger home projects for your ideal design.

You would be amazed at what an interior designer can do in your home and still stay within your budget.

Though it may seem easy to pull together the perfect look, you can spend hours of time and a big chunk of change and still not love your home makeover if you try to DIY. If you’d like to refresh your home design while still saving time and, most likely, money –consider hiring an interior designer before you have a DIY disaster on your hands.

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