Tech Report: App helps with cheaper healthcare

App saves on drug costs

One app has saved Americans billions on prescriptions so far.

It’s called ‘GoodRx‘ and it partners with pharmacy chains and drug companies to offer real-time pricing at 70-thousand locations nationwide.

It says consumers can save up to 80 percent through the app that shops around for the best price.

What if the iPhone were ‘Made in America’?

Bank of America says if the iPhone stops being made in China, due to the trade war, it will cost consumer up 20 percent more.

That would put the cost of the XS to $1,142.

Workers who make iPhones in China start at $3.15 an hour,  according to the New York Times.

Amazon’s tiny house

Amazon is selling a tiny house to about 72-hundred dollars.

It can be put together in 8 hours.

The vendor, Allwood, said the structure isn’t supposed to serve as a permanent residence since there’s no bathroom or kitchen.

Instead, the property could function as a yoga studio, pool house, or outdoor grilling area.

Internet of the future?

SpaceX will launch its first 60 satellites to provide internet from space.

The launch is a small part of what SpaceX ultimately wants to be a much grander project: a group of potentially thousands of satellites swirling over the earth that the company says could eventually make available low-cost internet for a significant portion of the world’s population that isn’t yet online.

-Jane King


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